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All the comfort and the efficiency of the SANIFLO products in our ranges of electric marine and RV's toilets.

Why choose Saniflo toilets?

The Saniflo Marine & RV range range has been developed with the aim of ensuring that your toilet is as easy and comfortable to use on the water and on the road as it is on land.

Your comfort on board and on the road

Installation is very simple as it easily replaces old hand pump toilets.


With its pumping capabilities of up to 10 feet vertically and/or 100 feet horizontally, the Sanimarin systems can discharge the waste water to a holding tank wherever it’s located


The quietest electric toilet on the market, ensuring that users are comfortable all the time.

Water & electricity saving

With its efficient flushing system, water consumption is reduced to a minimum. Its very low electricity consumption helps the boat and the RV to run for longer.


The inventor, designer and manufacturer since 1958, SFA SANIFLO is the world’s leader of maceration toilets for the marine market and recreational vehicle industries.

White recreational vehicle parked up at sunset
  • Made in France
  • A macerator system patented for over 60 years
  • Quiet operation
  • Low power consumption