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Below you'll find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What is the operating principle used in a Sanimarin electric macerator toilet?

Faeces and toilet paper are pumped out of the bowl into a chamber equipped with an impeller with stainless steel blades. The turbine grinds the matter up into very fine particles, and at the same time it pumps the slurry into the discharge pipe. The water level in the bowl is adjusted automatically at the end of each cycle to eliminate all risk of odours. The motor and macerator are housed in the porcelain unit. A control keypad is used to trigger the flushing cycle, in the economy or normal mode. Last but not least, SANIMARIN toilets are not chemical toilets!

Why should we use a Sanimarin macerator toilet rather than a toilet with a hand pump?

* Ease of use: No complicated, bothersome pumping, all you have to do is press the button to start the SANIMARIN.
* Low water consumption: even if the SANIMARIN uses seawater, it is important for the boat’s autonomy to send only a small quantity of water into the Black Water Tank during each flushing cycle. The SANIMARIN consumes 1.2 l for the economical cycle and 2.4 l for the normal cycle. With a manually operated toilet, consumption is much higher, because there is no way of controlling the quantities used.
* Location of the Black Water Tank: Thanks to its pumping height (3 m) and its horizontal pumping distance (30 m), a SANIMARIN enables the black water tank or the purification system to be placed wherever you want on board.
* Advantages of maceration: a SANIMARIN grinds the substances up into very fine particles, so only liquids have to be discharged into the black water tank (or the purification system), in pipes that can be even smaller than the standard diameter of 38 mm. There are no problems of blocking or having to drain the installation. The macerator unit is very sturdy and reliable.

Have I got enough room to replace my hand pump toilet with a Sanimarin on board?

The SANIMARIN SN 31, MAXLITE+ have been specially designed for the purpose. It is very compact, and it provides exceptional ease of use and stability, while taking up only a very small amount of floor space.

Can I install my Sanimarin toilet myself?

A SANIMARIN is easy to install: the water supply and discharge connections fit those of the previous toilet, they are standard. The electrical connections are simple and the regulations to be complied with are set out in detail in the instructions. The toilet is fixed to the floor with brackets, on which the porcelain unit is fastened by screws. It is important to carry out the installation work carefully to ensure that the toilet operates efficiently.

Do I need an auxiliary water feed pump?

Yes, to operate, a SANIMARIN toilet needs a pressurized water supply (at least 1.7 bar). If freshwater is used on board, the pressure is supplied by the onboard water pump unit. If outside water is used, seawater or freshwater (from a canal, etc.), it is necessary to install a feed pump between the water inlet valve and the SANIMARIN. This type of pump is available as an option (SANIMARIN sea Pump).

Does the Sanimarin toilet use freshwater or seawater?

A SANIMARIN can operate on freshwater or seawater. If there is a sufficient freshwater storage capacity on board, or if the boat is fitted with a desalination unit, or if it is possible to take on freshwater frequently, it is preferable to use freshwater. This is made possible by the low water consumption levels of a SANIMARIN. Freshwater avoids unpleasant smells, and it simplifies system maintenance. If you opt for seawater, it is just necessary to remember to rinse the system with freshwater before wintering. In both cases, the cleaning products used must be biodegradable and they must respect the environment.

Can my boat provide the electrical power needed?

The motor of a SANIMARIN toilet consumes very little electricity per flushing cycle. With a 12 Volt supply, the motor absorbs 25 Amperes for a very short time (8 seconds in the economical mode). Electricity consumption is thus only 0.056 Ampere hour. Over 24 hours of use for 4 persons (about 16 cycles), the total consumption is only 0.89 Ah. For an 11 metre craft, this makes up 0.16% of the overall daily electricity consumption. (The refrigerator accounts for 22% if it operates for 12 hours a day and the automatic pilot uses 15% if it operates for about 10 hours a day.)

What are the voltages used?

SANIMARIN toilet motors are available in 12 Volt or 24 Volt versions, for Direct Current. On some models (SN 43, SN 4, SN EXCL.MEDIUM), a 220 Volt Alternating Current motor can be provided as an option.

Do I have to install a Black Water Tank on board?

It must be made clear that a SANIMARIN can never be considered as an onboard black water retention or treatment system. Under the terms of the legislation in force in most countries, all discharge of black water into the sea is prohibited; this means that each boat must be fitted either with a black water storage tank, or with a black water treatment system. In both cases, the fine-grain maceration and the powerful pumping equipment on a SANIMARIN considerably simplify system operation and maintenance.

Are there safety instructions to be complied with during the installation?

SANIMARIN toilets are equipped with check valves integrated in a standard marine 38 mm diameter discharge pipe, but it is possible to use smaller anti-odour pipes, which are handier. The pipes must be installed in compliance with the safety heights above the waterline, as recommended in the instructions. Don’t forget the vacuum breaker valves at the high points, to ensure full safety and efficient operation.

Do I have to use special toilet paper?

No. All types of domestic paper can be used.

Can I put any type of objects or substances in the bowl?

No. A SANIMARIN toilet must only be used to macerate and discharge faeces and toilet paper. Damage to the equipment due to maceration of foreign bodies such as cotton, tampons, sanitary towels, condoms, or hair, or pumping of liquids such as solvents or oils, is not covered by the guarantee.
However, if the macerator/pump is accidentally blocked by a foreign body, it is easily accessible, as there is only one collar to remove.

Is the Sanimarin toilet noisy?

A SANIMARIN toilet is very quiet, the noise made by the motor is covered by the slight noise made by the water. It is quieter than toilets operating with a hand pump or vacuum operated toilets. It is the quietest electric toilet on the market.

How long is the guarantee period for a Sanimarin toilet?

All SANIMARIN units are covered by a two-year guarantee period, subject to correct installation and normal use.

  • Made in France
  • A macerator system patented for over 60 years
  • Quiet operation
  • Low power consumption